When? 2. 5. – 28. 5. 2019

Where? Na Kampě, Kampa Island, Lesser Town – Prague 1

How much? It is s FREE outdoor exhibition

Today began an exhibition called “Water & Civilization“, and it will be available to see till the end of May. Very well created and presented outdoor exhibition shows expositions on fourty panels from various corners of the planet by many authors. Unique images from Australia, Europe, Africa to Greenland and America are accompanied by sometimes interesting sometimes alarming facts about water, environment or wildlife researches. If you didn’t know that we are already using iron nanoparticles for treating underground water, that the Charles Bridge was partially destroyed during 1890 flood, or quantity of water necessary for the production of 1 Kg ( 2.2 pounds) of Chocolate is unbelievable 24 000 Liters ( 6340 gallons) of water, then this exhibition is definitely worth seeing.

Water has been and will be one of the main factors influencing the everyday quality of our lives, every human being, and human history. Water is seemingly endless and eternal, but it doesn’t have to be forever. Our basic goal is to rip people out of lethargy and archetypes. We want to convince them that the fate of the world around us depends on the behavior and thinking about next generations,“ says the curator and co-author of the exhibition, Miroslav Bárta, archaeologist and Egyptologist. (source: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic).

Many of us probably feel that when they turn a tap, water will flow from it forever and this exhibition is supposed to lead us out of this mistake,“ says Olga Menzel, exhibition producer. (source: Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic)

Kampa Island is an ideal place to relax and refresh during your sightseeing walk through the city centre of Prague. It is located between the Vltava River and the Devil’s Stream (“Čertovka“ in Czech), an artificial channel of the Vltava River which separates the island from the Lesser Town. Historically, the island was filled with gardens, the first buildings were mills – you can still see a huge wooden mill wheel of former Grand Priory Mill. In Kampa Island you can visit a modern art gallery of Mladek Foundation, try a newly open sweet-shop in unique Werich´s villa, cross the Lover’s Bridge or take a picture of the nearby Lennon Wall. During the year, many events take place in Kampa Island, and it is a cherished place for locals, who come here to have a picnic or rest surrounded by the beautiful nature and sights.

How to get there from Almandine Apartments?

From your accommodation, it is a short approx. 20 min walk across the Charles Bridge. You can check the route here.

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