When? April – October daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Where? The Prague Castle, Hradčany – Prague 1

How much? Free admission

South Gardens surround the entire southern side of the Prague Castle complex from “Hradčany” Square up to the viewpoint at the Eastern Gate with the total length of about 500 meters. During the summer season, the South Gardens can be entered via the Bull Staircase from the Third Courtyard (the one with St. Vitus Cathedral) or through the entrance next to the Eastern Gate. The South Gardens consist of three smaller gardens – Paradise Garden, Garden on the Ramparts and Hartig Garden (the last one is closed to the public). The gardens were created gradually from the 16th century in place of fortifications beneath the Prague Castle. The gardens have undergone an extensive reconstruction in past years. The current appearance is work of Slovenian architect Josip Plečnik (1872-1957) who renovated the gardens for the first Czechoslovak president T. G. Masaryk in 1920´s. Plečnik gave the gardens their unique character with sophisticated geometric solution and many interesting architectural details. The South Gardens offer a great place to relax and enjoy a breath-taking view of Prague. It is definitely worth visiting!

How to get there from Almandine Apartments? The Prague Castle is in walking distance from Almandine Apartments, it takes about 45 minutes to reach by foot. You can also use the public transportation – the best way is to take metro line A (the green one) from station “Můstek” to station “Malostranská”, than up to the Old Castle Steps to the Eastern Gate. Another possibility is to use tram No. 22 from station “Národní třída” (in direction “Bílá Hora”), the station is located only 5 minutes from Almandine Apartments. The tram will take you up to the Prague Castle while you can enjoy a view of the city. You can step off at station “Královský letohrádek” and walk through a beautiful Royal Garden or at next station “Pražský hrad” (the Prague Castle) and continue thought the Courtyards to the St. Vitus Cathedral and the Bull Staircase. You can use the tram No. 22 to go up to the Prague Castle from the metro station “Malostranská” as well. Please check both ways on following links (by metro), (by tram).