200 YEARS OF THE NATIONAL MUSEUM: Re-opening of the Historical Building in Wenceslas Square


When? Daily from 28 October 2018 (Monday and Friday 10:00 – 18:00, Tuesday – Thursday 11:00 – 20:00, Saturday – Sunday 10:00 – 19:00)

Where? Wenceslas Square 68, Prague 1

How much? Free admission until the end of this year (visitors do not need to make a reservation in advance)


On 28 October 2018, the Historical Building of the National Museum partially re-opened after its extensive reconstruction.… Read more...

CZECHOSLOVAKIA: 100 years anniversary


When? October 27 – 28

Where? Various locations in Prague


On 28th October 1918, Czechoslovakia declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I. The new state unit was founded by its first president Tomas Garrique Masaryk (1850 – 1937) and it existed until its peaceful dissolution into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. In order to commemorate 100 years from the declaration of Czechoslovakia, citizens and visitors of Prague can look forward to rich celebrations consisting of open air concerts, thematic exhibitions, military parades, video mappings and much more on October 27 – 28.… Read more...



There are various gastronomic events taking place in Prague where you can taste local specialities, traditional tastes as well as exotic flavours from abroad. We prepared a list of popular events you can try during your visit in autumn!


St. Wenceslas vineyard

 When? Daily from 10 am to 11 pm

Where? The Prague Castle, the Old Castle Steps, Hradčany Prague 1

How much? Free admission

If you like wine, you should definitely visit a close-by St. Wenceslas vineyard accessible from the Prague Castle (the entrance is from “Jiřská” street).… Read more...