Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad) SPA

Mariánské Lázně, or Marienbad as it is known, is a spa town in the Carlsbad Region of the Czech Republic, surrounded by beautiful green mountains boasting extravagant hotels and churches, with beautiful gardens running between them.


The town, which is just a two-hour drive from Prague, is famous for its world-class spa treatments which are based on the use of natural mineral springs, which are the source of natural water containing carbonic and ferric acid. A visit to the Mariánské Lázně spa is a sure way to add some relaxation to your travels, make sure you book in advance as it is very popular!


As well as enjoying a therapeutic spa session, whilst you are there you will be mesmerised by the beautiful sights and breathtaking scenery. Marianske Lazne is an elegant Neo-Classical and Art-Noveau town, with the most important architectural monument being the cast-iron Colonnade in the main promenade of the spa, which is an iconic structure and a tourist must see.

Mariánské Lázně

In front of the main colonnade is The Singing Fountain, which puts on a lovely show accompanied by music and lights, capturing the attention of many visitors.


Other exciting things to do in this fantastic town includes the second-oldest golf course in Europe, mini-golf, tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness facilities, horseback riding, fishing, skiing and hiking and cycling routes.


You can find out more information about Mariánské Lázně Spa and the surrounding areas from their website

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