Easter Market at the Prague Castle

When?  4. 4. 2019 – 5. 5. 2019 (Monday – Thursday: 9:00 – 18:00, Friday – Sunday: 9:00 – 19:00)

Where? Prague Castle, Hradčany – Prague 1

Markets returned to the Prague Castle once again this Easter. Visitors can again look forward to a diverse and carefully selected assortment of domestic retailers and newly to traditional crafts. In the stylishly decorated stalls, manufacturers, craftsmen and retailers will offer typical Easter goods, spring gifts and gourmet specialties.

Visitors can watch some traditional crafts such as: blacksmith, tinker, painting Easter eggs, knitting whips, spinning sheep wool on a spinning wheel, chipping pigeons from wood, production of stained glass, production of leather products or production of beauty glasses.

The accompanying program will be held on weekends, featuring folklore ensembles in traditional costumes.

How to get there from Almandine Apartments?

There are many ways to get to the Prague Castle. One of the best options is taking tram no. 22 from the station “Národní třída“, very close to Almandine Apartments (map here). The tram will take you right in front of the main entrance. The tram stop to get off is called “Pražský hrad“.


Easter markets in Prague on Wenceslas Square

When? 6. 4. 2019 – 28.4. 2019 (10:00 – 22:00 every day, dances and performances from 16:00 to 18:00)

Where? Wenceslas Square, New Town – Prague 1

On Wenceslas Square visitors can enjoy a music program of various genres. Dozens of selling houses there will offer a wide range of snacks. It will also include a rich accompanying program. Every year Easter markets offer a wide selection of traditional Easter goods every year (hand-painted Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and chicks, Easter eggs, Easter cookies, candles, handicrafts, wooden toys, wicker products, etc). On weekends and Easter holidays, there will be animation programs.

How to get there from Almandine Apartments?

Thanks to the convenient location of Almandine Apartments, you can find Wenceslas Square just behind the corner (check here).


Easter Markets at the Old Town Square

When? 6. 4. 2019– 28. 4. 2019 (10:00 – 22:00 every day, dances and performances from 10:00 to 18:00)

Where? Old Town Square, Old Town – Prague 1

Prague will celebrate Easter with the largest markets in the Czech Republic. Spring markets offer folk entertainment, demonstrations of traditional customs and crafts and good food. Visitors can look forward to a varied program on the neighbouring stage (performances by folk ensembles, folk music ensembles, dances or theatrical performances). Lovers of good food will surely come to their place. Children in the workshop will be able to learn how to knit “pomlázka” (a special handmade whip from young willow twigs) and learn about Czech Easter traditions.

The unmistakable charm of Easter holidays is created by gastronomic specialties. Therefore, in addition to the traditional assortment of food and beverages, Easter markets will offer a range of specialties and innovations. Grilled sausages, skewers, steaks, stuffed baguettes, baked farm potatoes, homemade cheeses, gnocchi, pannini, toasts, and many other foods will smell on grills and pans. An assortment of delicacies will enrich the purely Easter specialties – lambs, decorated gingerbreads, sweet confectionery and more.

How to get there from Almandine Apartments?

The famous Old Town Square is located only 5 minutes of walk from Almandine Apartments, as you can see here.


Easter on Kampa Island

When? 12. 4. 2019 – 28. 4. 2019 (09:00 – 22:00 every day)

Where? Kampa Island, Lesser Town – Prague 1

Kampa markets will open on 12th April with cultural and music program. You can look forward to knitting „pomlázka“, decorating Easter eggs, sweets and goodies associated with these beautiful holidays.

How to get there from Almandine Apartments?

Kampa Island is located approximately 20 minutes of walk far from the hotel.  The best way to reach the island is by crossing the Charles Bridge (see here) or the Legion Bridge (see here).



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